Learn from the Past in The Ancient Americas

The Field Museum’s Ancient Americas exhibition reveals the creative approaches our predecessors used to meet their everyday needs and to adapt to changing environments.

Take The Ancient Americas Online Tour to learn from the past and think in new ways about the relationship among the natural environment, community issues, and social change today. Click on the links to interact with the exhibition website and additional documents that compare the experiences of the ancient Americans with other cultures, including contemporary communities in Illinois. You can also print out the guide for group discussion or use it while visiting the exhibition at the museum with a group or by yourself. You may want to begin by working with your colleagues at the library, and then based on that experience, expand efforts to local residents.


Learn More about Connecting the Past to the Present

Take a brief video tour of the exhibition with Field Museum curator Alaka Wali

The Ancient Americas Scavenger Hunt: Looking for Innovation and Collaboration

To create a green community, we need to work together with our neighbors to develop new ways of living together. This activity uses The Ancient Americas exhibition to prompt thinking and discussion about innovation and collaboration.

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